UNS Network’s going under a full rebrand!

by | Jul 12, 2021

Dear community,

Something big has been on the horizon for quite some time now and our team is super excited to announce that our brand has been going under a full rebrand

UNS Network becomes Unikname Network

After being separate from one another for more than 3 years, we had the wish to reunite and align our 2 brands, UNS Network and Unikname, to create more consistency. This is why UNS.Network now becomes Unikname Network! This was an obvious choice for us to merge our 2 brands since both cannot operate separately. Unikname Network is our own blockchain specialized in the generation of Decentralized Identifiers, which is the foundation for our solution. The rebranding initiative also includes a new logo and new colors,  which we believe better matches our identity as a platform that strives to create a free world through self-sovereign identity. Hope you like the pink! 🦄 What has not yet changed is essentially the codebase and the decentralized APIs (those of the network nodes). Have a look at our brand new website.

Unikname’s new brand strategy

The rebranding of Unikname has the objective of reflecting the substantial changes made to our brand vision and positioning.

We mostly wanted to bring back the blockchain in the heart of the Unikname project.
Unikname was always known and recognized by its customers for its turnkey solution : Unikname Connect. The private and secure decentralized authentication aiming at securing all web accesses.

The idea behind our new positioning was to rise up and highlight the notion of innovation. Now, unikname provides a panel of use cases centered around Decentralized Identifiers (DID). As stated on our new baseline : Upgrade any web solutions with blockchain innovation – The modular and universal decentralized identity solution to integrate to your software.

Unikname is not just an authentication system but more broadly a Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) platform relying on a specialized Blockchain (Unikname Network). The platform combines ready-to-use decentralized identity products and an integration framework.

Unikname’s future customers will have the opportunity to enhance their added value with blockchain innovation and the use of decentralized Identity. Unikname enables new features to the services offered by companies and has the power of enhancing customer loyalty, providing trust and privacy to users and reinforcing cybersecurity at lower cost.
For example, Unikname platform enables confidential data sharing, decentralized authentication, operation, data certification… and many more.

Our former logo, the crossed-out eye, is replaced with a more universal logo, showing only our brand name. Our former logo was aimed at targeting companies that were only looking for a solution preserving their digital identity. We of course always advocate privacy but we now address larger projects in search of innovation around blockchain.


Of course, all of our products remain functional and accessible. My Unikname App is too.

My Unikname App users will have the opportunity to see the design revamped. Since it’s a PWA (Progressive Web App), web browsers will not update the icon, so if you want to see the new one on your home screen, you will need to uninstall and reinstall the app. Be careful! Don’t forget to back up your @unikname to not lose access.

 To learn more have a look at the Unikname Help Center page.

 We hope you like this new look of Unikname. We wanted to thank you all for your feedback and continued support. Stay tuned, a lot of exciting things are coming soon!

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