Unikname Community Bounty Program

by | Oct 15, 2021

Community Bounty Program

 Since we have created Unikname, nurturing our community has always been part of our key focus. Indeed, we believe that it is thanks to your feedback, but also to your involvement, that the project will succeed! That’s why we have decided to launch a Community Bounty Program with $UNIK Tokens to win.


The idea behind the Community Bounty Program is to make you actively participate in the development of the Unikname project and allow you to get even more involved. Thus, you will be able to obtain $UNIK by participating in tasks that may concern :


During the entire duration of the Community Bounty Program, rewards will be distributed after validation of the work by a member of the Unikname team. It will remain at the discretion of the team to validate or not a task, depending on the performance level of the realization.
Also, the program has no fixed duration for the moment. Nevertheless, if it changes, you will be notified.
Finally, all your tasks will have to be posted on our #Bounty channel on our Discord server for us to validate them, and be able to reward you.

Community Bounty Program tasks

Now that the conditions of this program have been explained, let’s get to the heart of the matter: rewarded work!

Light feedback about one of our products : 200 $UNIK

You have tried a product from our ecosystem (the mobile application, installing a node, trying to connect with your UniknameID, …) and you have a comment to make on it?
Whether positive or negative, we are always interested in knowing your feedback! Go on the forum, create a topic following the current model, and give your opinion in a few lines!

Complete feedback about one of our products : 2000 $UNIK

Here we are in the same case as above: you give us feedback. However, this feedback will have to be much more extensive.
The idea is to give us constructive feedback on elements to change, modify, create, improve.
Do you find a manipulation complex, or not ergonomic? Have you found a bug? Come and tell us!
The feedback will have to be detailed and constructive enough for our teams to reproduce the situation.
In order to be validated, this feedback must be accompanied by all the information requested in the model topic on the forum.

Short text redaction : 2000 $UNIK

Do you feel like writing for our project? That’s good, we’re looking for writers!
By short text, we mean simple articles like:

  • Tutorial on how to use a product
  • News about Unikname
  • Demonstration of one of our products

This article has to be published in your name. It could be on your personal website, on Medium, or any other platform!

Long text redaction : 5000 $UNIK

Within the framework of the long texts, we expect articles of reflection and research, which are detailed and worked on.
Here are some examples:

  • Long-form on our project
  • Comparison with other solutions
  • Study cases

This article has to be published in your name. It could be on your personal website, on Medium, or any other platform!

For more info about this bounty program, please reach out to our team through the channel #Bounty of our Discord server.

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