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Self-Sovereign Identity as a Service

Unikname’s goal is to empower web solutions with Decentralized ID capabilities by leveraging blockchain innovation. Unikname is a multipurpose and no-KYC Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) platform relying on a specialized.

Our mission

Make the internet trustful and safer

Multilingual Naming System

Unikname IDs are human-readable named IDs based on NFT, protected against spoofing, represented with Latin characters but also with other alphabets. (Patented Technology)


Accessing the web without proving its verified identity is what everyone does every day. Users get their own pseudonymous ID in seconds, without KYC.


Unikname rely on an open sourced blockchain with a decentralized governance for security, scalability and resilience. Our grant program promotes community developments.

Tokenized Business Model

Companies spends the UNIK token to provide SSI services but can also be used to grant access to SSI operations to their users.

How Unikname Works?

Unikname increases the web solutions value thanks to Decentralized Identifiers with Infinite Capabilities

Plug & Play Modules

Unikname is a business oriented platform composed of ready-to-use products and an integration framework.

Decentralized Authentication

New generation and single step strong authentication without Email or Password

Privacy-friendly data sharing

A module to setup private digital identity concepts and its toolkit

Digital Identity Management

Toolkit to manage web access or control remote identifiers (e.g IoT)

Rewarding System

Improve user experience with our rewarding system based on a fidelity program and the UNIK token

Anonymous Vote Mechanism

Setup surveys or votes respecting participant’s privacy and anonymity with Unikname tools 

Data Certification

A module to certify documents and operations without KYC (a.k.a Know Your Customer  

Unikname Network Tokens

The Unikname Network Blockchain runs with 2 Tokens

The Unikname Network Blockchain is specialized to manage Decentralized Identifiers. It works with an utility token called $UNIK and DIDs based on Non-fungible tokens named UNIKNAME.

Token Utility

The $UNIK protocol token is the fuel of this network, it’s required to enable SSI operation and to access SSI services

Delegate Support

$UNIK tokens rewards delegates for securing the network. Our UniknameID  owner activation process owners promotes voting to support delegates.


UniknameID Issuance

Amount of needed $UNIK depend on the UniknameID’s type, its length or its kind (freemium or premium)

SSI services

$UNIK tokens are SSI credits that give access to SSI services and to enable SSI operations (eg. Decentralized Authentication.)

Our business model is based on reward sharing. $UNIKs spent either by companies or by users to access SSI services and to enable SSI operations are shared between 3 players:

Token Supply Distribution


Total $UNIK Supply*


$UNIK Token Offering Price


Market Cap with fully diluted supply


Token Sale Hard Cap


Fund used directly for Liquidity Bootstrapping


Share of Tokens sold vs Total supply


Intitial Circulating Supply (in $UNIK)


Initial Market Cap with circulating supply

The Team

Together, we share the desire to create innovative solutions in line with our values

Laurent Lourenço

Founder and CEO

Damien Lecan

Founder and CTO

Fabien Tréguer

API & Security Developer

Guillaume Nicolas

Mobile Apps Lead Developer

Juliette Megret

Product Owner

Sophie Dramé-Maigné

Cryptography Researcher

Pierre Seznec

Blockchain Core Developer

Quentin Sauvetre

Blockchain & Back-end Developer

Charlène Demaret

Customer Acquisition Manager

Marine Pasquet

Communication & Marketing Manager


Sylvain Pages

Financial & Digital Asset Advisor

Jedidiah Taylor

Token Sale Strategy Advisor

Dominique Pellat

IAM Advisor & Decentralized Identity Expert

Yan Degive

Marketing Advisor & Cryptocurrency Expert



April 2018

Inception Incorporation

January to May 2020

✔︎ Unikname Network SANDBOX
✔︎ My Unikname App
✔︎ Unikname Connect

May the 4th, 2020
✔︎ Unikname Platform V1
✔︎ Unikname Network LIVENET
June 2021

✔︎ Unikname Network OPEN SOURCE
✔︎ Unikname Network and Unikname Connect Security audit passed

September, 2021

Unikname / Ethereum Smart-Bridge


UNIK exchange quotation


Unikname Network tokenomics and consensus Phase 2

year 2022

Unikname Platform V2
Migration to ARK v3

year 2023

Multi-alphabet UniknameID

The Private Sales are Open

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