Self-Sovereign Identity NFT Giveaway, Claim Your Egg

by | Mar 31, 2021

Self-Sovereign Identity NFT Giveway

To reward our early adopters, we’re offering everyone the chance to claim their stake in the ecosystem, by doing a Self-Sovereign Identity NFT Giveaway. For a limited time during the 2021 easter period, from April 1st to the 12th of April (2021-04-01 00:00 CEST to 2021-04-12 00:00 CEST), you will be able to get your own Self-Sovereign ID NFT for free, to claim a special egg, and get a chance to win 10$ in the crypto of your choice. The egg will be minted as a special a trophy-type badge of you @unikname NFT ID… and will give you some further privileges.

Claim your egg, how it works

Step 1. Visit and install the DAPP on your smartphone.

Step 2. Get your own NFT @unikname ID. 10+ chars will be made free for this special event.

Step 3. Start staking UNS tokens by activating your @unikname ID. You will receive 10 UNS immediately after your @unikname ID become Alive.

Step 4. Claim your easter egg by clicking on the gift box button, and share about it with your twitter friends.

Step 5. One day after the end of this event, 100 lucky participants will receive 10$ in BTC, or ETH, or ARK, or BNB, your choice.

This particular trophy badge will have an additional utility. All collected trophies and any other badges attached with your @unikname NFT ID will give you privileged access to our token sale, which is taking place soon.

Stay tuned for further community competitions that will offer additional chances to claim funny trophies on your NFTs!

We will be announcing these contests shortly via our Twitter channel.

1000$ Giveaway, the rules

One day after the end of the event, we will select 100 lucky participants randomly and we will define the exact amount of the reward in BTC, ETH, ARK, BNB, according to the quotation on CoinMarketCap. We will publish on twitter the amount of these rewards.

Participants must share their @unikname ID by DM to @uns_network on twitter. We will check they’ve:

  • tweeted about the contest, and pinged at least 2 friends.
  • claimed their easteregg2021 trophy badge. Check within the blockchain.
  • recorded within their @unikname properties, the crypto address where they want to receive their reward.

We will publish the list of winners after all these checks. Their @unikname ID won’t be communicated unless they want to do it themselves.


uns token

About Unikname Network

Unikname Network is the blockchain specialized in providing multipurpose SSI NFTs (Self-Sovereign IDs), and a DPKI (Decentralized Public Key Infrastructure), aiming to be used easily by everyone who needs to integrate Decentralized ID (DID) in their applications. is a DPOS blockchain setup with an 8 seconds block time, powered by the famous ARK.IO Blockchain Technology, secured by 23 elected delegates grouped in 3 colleges of stakeholders: individuals, organizations and the network community. The blockchain is fueled with its own native utility token UNIK, and issues its own featured NFT tokens for every DID. Unikname Network is the backbone of the Unikname Decentralized IDs solution.

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