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by | Aug 27, 2021

In case you missed it, Unikname has launched its Affiliate Program! This is a great opportunity for you, Unikname community, to get involved in our project and help us to share news about us. And of course, you will get rewards for it!

If you want to be part of it, keep reading, there are only 2 conditions to participate.

Affiliate program

1- You must hold an active UniknameID

🔍  UniknameID did you say?

UniknameID is Unikname’s Non-fungible token (NFT). Unikname uses NFT to represent human-readable identifiers. This highlights how precious and unique a UniknameID is. Just as any other NFT, they can be forged, purchased, traded, etc. UniknameID are the cornerstone of the Unikname Network. They are necessary to take part in the consensus protocol, be it to become a delegate or to support one. They are also required to use most of the services offered by the Unikname infrastructure. To counter losses and attacks, and to continue enjoying them, UniknameID have to be kept alive by their owner.

Once you have created your own UniknameID, don’t forget to activate it. How to get it actived ? It’s simple, you’ll find the function in your My Unikname App!

Three conditions must be met:

– Your UniknameID must have been created at least 23 blocks ago,
– The passphrase of your crypto-account must have been backed-up,
– Your UniknameID must have been used to log on to a website at least once.

It usually takes 24 hours to get your UniknameID activated. If you’ve done all three, you are good to go. The lifecycle status of your UniknameID will change from Minted to Live.

2- You must be registered to the Whitelist


To be whitelisted for our Token Sale, you need to complete the Whitelist form that can be found here.

Within the form you will need to:

1- Enter your email address
2- Enter your first name
3- Enter your last name
4- Select your country on the list
5- Submit to the form by giving your consent so your information can be shared with a launchpad when our Public Sale starts.

Nb: Some offers are not available to citizens of certain countries.
Nb2: Only one registration is possible with one email address.

More info can be found in our last post about how to join the whitelist.

Once you have done both step 1 and 2, that’s where it gets fun because you can now start sharing your affiliate link!
Now let’s talk about rewards : You will receive 10 $UNIK token for each new affiliate, and your affiliates will receive back a coupon to get a premium UniknameID. 🎁.

The affiliate counter level grants you privileges :
– From the 1st affiliate, the sponsor becomes a “promoter”.
– From the 7th affiliate, the sponsor becomes a “supporter”, and receives a bonus of 500 $UNIK.
– From the 49th affiliate, the sponsor becomes a “networker”, and receives an additional bonus of 5000 $UNIK.

Affiliate rewards

Concepts of “promoter“, “supporter” and “networker” will correspond to badges that can be activated in the App. They will allow you access special benefits. More info about badges to be found here.

Note that the affiliate program has specifically opened for the launch of our token sale but will stay active permanantly.

Have fun getting as many affiliates as you can! 🚀 We remain at your disposal, in case of any questions and queries reach us at
uns token

About Unikname Network

Unikname Network is the blockchain specialized in providing multipurpose SSI NFTs (Self-Sovereign IDs), and a DPKI (Decentralized Public Key Infrastructure), aiming to be used easily by everyone who needs to integrate Decentralized ID (DID) in their applications. is a DPOS blockchain setup with an 8 seconds block time, powered by the famous ARK.IO Blockchain Technology, secured by 23 elected delegates grouped in 3 colleges of stakeholders: individuals, organizations and the network community. The blockchain is fueled with its own native utility token UNIK, and issues its own featured NFT tokens for every DID. Unikname Network is the backbone of the Unikname Decentralized IDs solution.

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About Unikname

Unikname’s goal is to empower web solutions with Decentralized ID capabilities by leveraging blockchain innovation. Unikname is a Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) platform relying on a specialized Blockchain with an up and running Livenet. The platform combines ready-to-use decentralized identity products and an integration framework. Decentralized Identity enables new features to the services offered by companies, has the power of enhancing customer loyalty, providing trust and privacy to users and reinforcing cybersecurity at a lower cost. For example, the Unikname SSI Platform enables confidential data sharing, decentralized authentication, certified operations… and many more. Our mission is to make the internet trustful and safer and to protect the new black gold of the 21st century: data.

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