How to use your $UNIK to get premium UniknameID (NFT)?

by | Oct 15, 2021

how to use your Unik

You recently had the chance to earn $UNIK token from our last Community Round, our Bounty Program, or one of our airdrop? You are wondering how to use them while waiting for $UNIK tokens to be quoted on an exchange ?

Well, why not buying a Premium NFT UniknameID?

Unikname uses NFT to represent human-readable identifiers. This highlights how precious and unique a UniknameID is. Just as any other NFT, they can be forged, purchased, traded, etc. You might end up acquiring a UniknameID with a famous previous owner!

Your NFT UniknameID is unique, persistent, and personal. You can choose a pseudo, your real name, or any funny nickname, it’s up to you! Keep it simple as you may use it every day.

A Premium uniknameID is shorter than 15 characters, and as to be paid, in comparison to the Freemium One (more than 15 characters).
The price of a UniknameID depends on its length. The shorter, the rarer, the pricier. You can learn more about the price of a Premium UniknameID in our docs.

What are the properties of your NFT UniknameID ?
Unique – The owner of a UniknameID has the guarantee that their identifier is unique and that no one can get the same within the same namespace. Every UniknameID is represented by a single cryptographic hash code locked as a token within the UniknameTM Network blockchain. • Immutable – When created, UniknameID are written into the blockchain. This means that they can be neither altered nor deleted. • Obfuscated – The explicit value of a UniknameID is not written directly on-chain. A cryptographic hash is used instead. • Self-Sovereign – Every UniknameID belongs to a specific owner who is the only entity that can control it. • Durable – As long as a UniknameID is used, it belongs to its owner indefinitely. Additionally, your UniknameID can be personalized with two types of properties: user properties and system properties. You can also collect badges. When a UniknameID is traded, it can retain some of these properties. Premium UniknameID benefits from more space to store properties, longer lifespan, and advantages on various services.
What’s the use of a UniknameID ?

With your UniknameID and My.Unikname.App you can control your digital life:

Sign-up and log in securely and privately to any website that embeded the Unikname Connect button.
Share data easily and privately with a user’s Decentralized ID or with a platform (website or application).

But it also enables operation and data certification, anonymous voting, digital identity management, and many more…

Why having several UniknameID?

If you have several UniknameID you can choose to use a specific one according to your needs. You could for example have one for your personal use and one for professional use. Your professional uniknameID would be attached to your professional website and your personnal one will be used for daily online life.

You could also purshase a rare one with a very short, or popular name for collection as it might appreciate in value over time.

Create your unique UniknameID now before it’s too late!

How to get your UniknameID?

Creating a UniknameID requires you to install the Unikname App on your smartphone and setup your UniknameID on it.

Click on this link to download the app or flash the QR Code below!


If you ever need more information about UniknameID, you can visit our Help Center.

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