Collectible Self-Sovereign ID NFT token: rare one-year livenet trophy

by | May 23, 2021

Collect the rare one-year Livenet trophy with your Self-Sovereign ID NFT, and stake $UNIK Token rewards

To celebrate this successful first year of our livenet and to thank eternally all of you, our developer team have implemented a new collectible NFT trophy, the rare one-year livenet trophy. We’re offering everyone an opportunity to claim their stake in the ecosystem and to accumulate “Proof Of Trust”. trophies are public on-chain properties of your own Decentralized @unikname ID. They help to increase the trust score of your DID and they will give you privileged access.

For a limited time, from Thursday 27th of May to Monday 31st of May midnight you will get a chance to get your own Self-Sovereign @unikname ID NFT for free, to claim the one-year livenet trophy, and to get a 250 $UNIK tokens reward.

Unikname Network Livenet has been live for one year now

One year already! The launch phase is well underway and the livenet network has confirmed its stability and its robustness for one year now. The’s 1 year marks an important step since the inception of the project. timeline to 202105

In one-year the linevet have reached some significant metrics:

$UNIKNAME NFT @unikname ID have been minted so far


24.086.908 $UNS tokens have been supplied by the protocol

4 .073. 874 blocks have been forged in the blockchain, one every 8s.

11.069 transactions have been validated

37 forger and relay nodes registered

Now it’s time to properly celebrate this first successful year and to thank eternally all those who have contributed to this successful launch.

Claim your one-year livenet trophy

If you already have your own @unikname ID, open your Unikname App and let’s go to Step 4.

Step 1. Visit and install the DAPP on your smartphone.

Step 2. Get your own Self-Sovereign @unikname ID. You”ll be able to get +10 chars for free during this special event.

Step 3. Start staking UNIK tokens by activating your @unikname ID. You will receive 10 $UNIK  tokens immediately after your @unikname ID becomes Alive.

Step 4. Claim your one-year livenet trophy by clicking on the gift box button. This button appears on the home page of your App during every special event.

Step 5. Then join our private discord channel #Token-sale with the invitation link given in your App. Every lucky participant will receive 250 $UNIK tokens.

Privileged access to our token sale

This particular trophy badge will have an additional purpose like any others. All collected trophies and any other badges attached to your @unikname NFT ID contribute to increase your “Proof Of Trust” and to give privileges to your Self-Sovereign ID, such as our early acces to our token sale or special bonus. 

Stay tuned for further community competitions that will offer additional chances to claim funny trophies on your NFT IDs! 


So now it’s time to get in, let’s go to step 1: visit and install the DAPP on your smartphone. 

See you soon

uns token

About Unikname Network

Unikname Network is the blockchain specialized in providing multipurpose SSI NFTs (Self-Sovereign IDs), and a DPKI (Decentralized Public Key Infrastructure), aiming to be used easily by everyone who needs to integrate Decentralized ID (DID) in their applications. is a DPOS blockchain setup with an 8 seconds block time, powered by the famous ARK.IO Blockchain Technology, secured by 23 elected delegates grouped in 3 colleges of stakeholders: individuals, organizations and the network community. The blockchain is fueled with its own native utility token UNIK, and issues its own featured NFT tokens for every DID. Unikname Network is the backbone of the Unikname Decentralized IDs solution.

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