The Blockchain Specialized in Decentralized ID

Unikname Network provides SSI services relying on NFTs and on DIDs, with an international naming system

Open Source

Unikname relies on an open sourced blockchain with a decentralized governance for security, scalability and resilience. Our grant program promotes community developments.

Tokenized Business Model

Companies use the UNIK token to provide SSI services but can also be used to grant access to SSI operations to their users.

Multilingual Naming System

UniknameID are human-readable named IDs based on NFT, protected against spoofing, represented with Latin characters but also with other alphabets.

(Patented Technology)

Plug & Play Modules

Unikname is a business oriented platform composed of ready-to-use products and an integration framework. Standardized APIs and cross-langage SDKs let anyone integrate Unikname concepts into its own app and interact with the chain.

Unikname Network Tokens

The blockchain runs with 2 tokens


NFT – Non-Fungible Token


Self-Sovereign Identifier

UNIKNAME is a Self-Sovereign Identifier, also called DID or Decentralized ID, under your sole control


Pseudonymous ID

The ID could be a pseudo, a real name, or any funny name. We don’t care about your real identity



Protected against spoofing by Safe-Typo technology, your ID is a trustworthy Human-Readable ID


The Protocol Token


SSI Services Economy

UNIK tokens are SSI credits that give access to SSI services and to enable SSI operations.


Rewarding System

UNIK Token rewards delegates for securing the network. 


highly-liquid utility token

UNIK can be exchanged against vouchers or promotional coupons

Unikname Network Products

Decentralized Network comes with ready-to-use products to enhance your daily life

Unikname Wallet

Secured with a passphrase, My Unikname App allows to manage Decentralized IDs and their properties – Manage your UNIK Tokens and to manage your SSI operations, eg authentication, certification, data sharing…

Unikname Hub and My Unikname App

Unikname Hub

The dedicated online space to grow your UNIK token pool! The Unikname Hub allows you to  activate your ID, to earn tokens through the affiliate program, to buy PREMIUM IDs and to get access to the bridge with Ethereum.

Unikname Chain Explorer

With the explorer tool, you can find a block, have a look at the latest transactions, learn more about the delegates…

Powered by an active community

of Individuals and Corporates

Unikname Network is a DPoS Blockchain operated by 23 delegates elected by token holders.
The blockchain is powered by the famous Blockchain, setup with a 8 seconds block time.


To increase decentralisation and improve network stability, delegate seats are split into 3 colleges.


Defenders of individual freedom and privacy


Committed in securing the web for businesses

Network Players

Community members acting for network prosperity


Sylvain Pages

Financial & Digital Asset Advisor

Jedidiah Taylor

Token Sale Strategy Advisor

Dominique Pellat

IAM Advisor & Decentralized Identity Expert

Yan Degive

Marketing Advisor & Cryptocurrency Expert